Published articles

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Under Preparation

  1. Paluch, R , Chołoniewski J., Suchecki K., Hołyst, J.A., Leban, G., Fuart, F., Karlovcec, M., Rupnik, J., Grobelnik,M., Hoekstra, A., Sloot, P., Sobkowicz, P.,  Toczyski, P., Does the rise of new media explain the expansion of old media coverage ?
  2. Paluch, R., Suchecki, K., Lu, X., Szymański, B. K., Hołyst, J. A., Fast rumour source detection in large social networks.
    In this paper we study the problem of source localization in complex networks. The basis of our research is the algorithm proposed by Pinto et all. [1]. We found a way to significantly improve this algorithm, especially in terms of complexity and computation time.
    [1]. Pedro C. Pinto, Patrick Thiran, and Martin Vetterli. Locating the source of diffusion in large-scale networks. Physical Review Letters, 109(6):1–5, 2012.
  3. Górski P.J. , Kułakowski K., Gawroński P.,  Hołyst J.A., Heider balance in bilayer networks.
  4. Jankowski J., Michalski R., Bródka P., How we interact and influence each other in virtual worlds: spreading processes in multilayer complex network

Conference contributions