Prof. Przemysław Kazienko, the RENOIR partner from Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland, organized a successful satellite on “Network of Networks” – NetOnet 2017 at the best international conference on Network Science – NetSci 2017 in Indianapolis, IN, USA on the 20th June 2017.

Four recognizable invited speakers presented their talks during the event:

  1. Marta Gonzales (MIT, USA): “Coupled networks of mobility and energy”
  2. Gareth Baxter (Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal): “Critical dynamics of the interdependent network transition”
  3. Romualdo Pastor-Satorras (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain): “Effects of temporal correlations in social multiplex networks”
  4. Paul Hines (University of Vermont, USA): “Increasing interconnectivity between networks can increase network robustness”

Additionally, several contributed talks were presented as well.

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