New WUT publication entitled Tricriticality in the q-neighbor Ising model on a partially duplex clique by Anna Chmiel, Julek Sienkiewicz and Katrzyna Sznajd-Weron in Physical Review E.

The nature of transitions between fully ordered and disordered states is usually the pinnacle of the dynamics of opinions. The other important feature is the structure of the underlying topology and the way the agents in system interact with each other. In our work we combine these questions investigating a so-called “q-Ising model” on a partially duplex clique. The system consists of two complete graphs, however only a fraction r of nodes has its counterparts in both layers. Typical Ising dynamics is modified by taking into account only q neighbors in each step. In such a setting the type of phase transition (continuous or discontinuous) strongly depends on both parameters q and r.

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