Piotr Górski, PhD student from Warsaw University of Technology gave a talk on 22 March during his four-month secondment at University of California at Davis. The title, abstract and 2 slides from the talk are available below.

Modeling structural balance

During my talk I will consider the problem of structural balance (also called Heider balance) in different kinds of networks and dynamics.
In the first, main part, I will describe the deterministic model in a bilayer network and show that the coupling between layers can destroy the balance in the whole network. The outcome solutions consist of balanced, unbalanced and oscillatory states.
Most models of structural balance use link dynamics. In the second part I will introduce the way of modeling Heider balance using node dynamics. The presented network comprises nodes with attributes. A transition between a ”paradise” state and ”war” state occurs with changing a single parameter.
The third discussed model will incorporate social noise and temperature. I will present a discontinuous transition from an unbalanced state to the balanced one.

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