On 28th June, PhD student from Warsaw University of Technology gave his final presentation at University of California, Davis entitled” Heider balance among agents with attributes”.

During the talk I am going to discuss few topics I have been working on during my stay in UC Davis. The first and major part regards attaining Heider balance in the case of a co-evolving model of social groups where agents opinions are represented by  vectors of binary variables while polarities of social links depend on Hamming distances between them. Agent based simulations show that if the system is driven by Heider triad dynamics a transition between a balanced state with two enemy groups and a paradise state takes place. During second part of my talk I will present a model combining the ideas of agents possessing attributes and previously presented Heider balance in a bilayer network. The model is still at the beginning of research and is partially the outcome of my collaboration in UC Davis.

Below you will find first slide of the presentation and the slide with results of his research.

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