Researchers from Wroclaw University of Science of Technology, Poland together with Poznań University of Technology, Poland just published a paper in Scientific Reports on a new generic and comprehensive method to generate complex networks (incl. social networks).

The authors claim that networks are commonly created according to the priority attachment mechanism. They introduce a simple model, which uses the priority attachment to generate both synthetic and close to empirical networks. Priority attachment is a mechanism, which generalizes previously proposed mechanisms, such as small world creation or preferential attachment, but they also observe its presence in a range of real-world networks. By using priority attachment we can generate networks of very diverse topologies, as well as re-create empirical ones. An additional advantage of the priority attachment mechanism is an easy interpretation of the latent processes of network formation. The authors also designed Priority Rank: a simple network generative model based on the priority attachment mechanism. Numerical experiments carried out on both synthetic and empirical networks proved usability of the model. More details are available at

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