Between 24 and 28 June 8th International Young Scientists Conference in Computational Science (YSC 2019) took place in Heraklion, Greece.

The event was co-organized by @Renoir Project together with ITMO UniversityUniversity of Amsterdam / Universiteit van Amsterdam and University of Crete. 

The conference hosted 6 invited speakers from RENOIR Project:
– Prof. Mike Thelwall from University of Wolverhampton,
– Prof. Janusz Holyst from Politechnika Warszawska,
– Dr Curtis Atkisson from UCDavis,
– Dr Stanisław Saganowski from Politechnika Wrocławska,
and Dr Julian Sienkiewicz from Politechnika Warszawska,
– Sebastijan R. Macek from Slovenian Press Agency, STA

See some memories from our event on FB !

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