The final conference of Reverse Engineering of Social Information Processing (RENOIR) Project was organized as a Satellite Session of the Conference on Complex Systems 2019 in Singapore on 2–3 October 2019. The two-day event was hosted by a RENOIR Project partner – Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Most of the invited speakers were researchers from on-EU partners, among them Bolesław Szymanski (RPI), Alexander V. Boukhanovsky (ITMO) and Maria Sigova (IBI) as well as externals guest speakers Eduardo G. Altmann (University of Sydney) and media specialist Tomaž Savodnik (Valicon).

A part of the event was devoted to a RENOIR internal meeting. The meeting served to present the implementation of secondments and scientific progress in the 4th and final year of the project, as well as to prepare the final deliverables and reports.

Check for more photos.

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